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1st Ultrasound

1st Ultrasound

We had the ultrasound today and found out I am 17 weeks +1 day pregnant, due on Jan 23rd and that the baby is only 6 ounces. We couldn't find out what the sex is, and will have another ultrasound hopefully in 3 to 4 more weeks. Hopefully you will be able to zoom in on all the "alien-like" pictures and details.

The paper and staples are from the ScrapGirls Refresh Collection Biggie. I created the layout in Photoshop 7. The title and date font is Matisse ITC, and the journaling font is Birch Std in photoshop.

    :toot: congratulations :dancingelephant: :dancingchicken: :penguins:

    how kind of you to share your ultrasound pics with us all.
    :dancingchicken: CONGRATS!! How exciting for you! keep us posted!
    I LOVE THIS LO, i wish i had done this for all my children...BUT all there ultra sound pics are GLUED into thier baby books
    CONGRATS on the new life :)
    What a great time to be a scrapper! I know you can't wait to find out if you've got a boy or girl!
    Congratulations! I love how you used both blue and pink in the lo to show that the baby could be either sex.