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momma was a farm girl

We recently got a scanner that does slides and negatives. I started with an ancient envelope stuffed with negatives and have been having so much fun . . . photos from my mother's childhood that I had never seen before. I feel like a "rescuer" and love it.



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This is soooo awesome, Bobbi! The scanned negatives came out great. I love the embellishments you used too.

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I loved your title on this one and that was what drew me in, being a farm girl myself!

What a treasure trove you must have found. Loving how you have put this altogether!!

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Bobbi, so sorry that I missed this beautiful layout and glad to have found it! What a treasure you have here. Beautiful work on the rescuing the photos and arranging this layout. Great title. Love the sepia tones to the photos. Amazing page!

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