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Photo Blending

I'm an ordinary photographer. I take very ordinary photos with an ordinary point and shoot camera. But I love extraordinary photos. This photo of my neighbor's maple tree was taken from my driveway. Try as I might, I just couldn't manage to get my camera to capture the rays of light and the vivid color that I saw with my eye. But when I blended the photo into Thao's Daily bread paper, though, it happened! However, during the blend, the lens flare that I managed to capture was lost. I put it back by using a little Photoshop Elements trick: on a new layer of 50% gray over my photo, I created a lens flare by clicking Filter > Render > Lens Flare. I chose about where I wanted the center of the flare in the dialog box. I set the blend mode of the gray layer to Hard Light, then moved and resized the lens flare layer to a position that was pleasing, and erased any part I didn't want.








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This is just fantastic!! I'm going to go right now and investigate the Lens Flare tool and Thao's paper!! Thank you SO much for explaining how you did this.

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Gorgeous, Elisha. I don't know much about filters (like I didn't even know there was a "Lens Flare" filter, lol). Your blending and flares are exquisite. I love that the LO is simple making that unbelievable photo sing with all it's might. Beautiful.

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Oh, this is gorgeous! I will have to try this with some photos I took this weekend - the glorious light I see just doesn't transfer well to camera. Thanks so much! PS I love the word art.

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Your layouts keep getting better and better. This one is a definitely a WOWZER. I love how you managed to add back those flares. Amazing. The photo is gorgeous and love those rays of sun coming through. Beautiful.

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This work-of-art leaves me speechless. Maybe your camera can not capture the true beauty but you have "seen the light" and reproduced it exquisitely. Now that's a talent!!!

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