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September 13-19

A little out of order, but I finally got a few photos from a friend!



This week my sister Lezlie made a big change in her life by moving from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Houston, Texas. She will be dancing as a trainee at Ad Deum dance company there. My Dad drove down with her to get her settled and then he flew back. I was glad I was able to see her over Labor Day before she left! This week was also a big week for the dogs, Kinnick got his teeth cleaned on Tuesday and Herky got his shots on Thursday. Tuesday night was Woodbridge’s first Drool in the Pool. Nick organized the event and it was a big success! All the dogs loved swimming in the pool and there was even a raffle for doggy prizes. Friday morning I got my hair highligted again and it is back to blonde again. For the weekend, Nick and I were pretty lazy. I had been reading a book series about vampires, and found out that the HBO series “True Blood” was based off the books. We borrowed season 1 and 2 on BluRay from Nick’s co-worker Justin and watched the entire first season over the weekend. We also hung out with Steven and Christina and Steven’s dad who was in town to visit. We met them at Sports and had fun hanging out.


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