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October 4-10


Monday was Nick’s first day back to work after having his wisdom teeth out. I had the day off but had to meet with Dr. Port, who I have done sports vision research with in the past, to go over my poster for the upcoming Academy of Optometry meeting next month in San Francisco. Nick had kind of a slow recovery this week. Wednesday and Thursday during the day I went to the Indiana Optometric Association meeting and sat through continuing education classes. We went out to dinner with Steven and Christina on Thursday, and with Josh and Lezlie on Friday night. Saturday night Nick and I went to Indianapolis and ate dinner with Josh and Lezlie again at Cheesecake Factory. We stopped by Babies R Us to get gifts for Shaybree’s baby girl (due next month) and Lezlie’s baby boy. Sunday I hosted Lezlie’s baby shower at Woodbridge office, and we had a great time. Our friend Sylvia announced her engagement to Todd too! After it was over, we said goodbye to Josh because he is moving to Omaha early.


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You have some wonderful photos here- your friend's ring is just lovely. The collection works beautifully here too. Another great page! :)

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