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This is one of my favorite stories from my Grandparents. There are many others that I still have to document. My Grandma is 100 years old going on 101 and we still hear new stories on occasion. They were married for 57 years. TFL!

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Journaling: New Years Eve 1937, Gilbert Ritchie asked Jo to marry him and they eloped. Jo had a date that night with someone else, but when Gib came for her she couldn’t resist. They knew each other and had dated some, but Gib had taken a job in Detroit and Jo never thought she’d see him again, let alone ever marry him. A death in his family brought him back to town and he began courting her. When asked what it was that she liked most about Gib, she said...“He was WILD!”

    I love this page and this story! I may "lift" the layout for one of my heritage pages. It's beautiful!
    Yes, I love reading the story too. I like your LO and always look to see how I might make our family's heritage LOs. Thanks for sharing!!
    The photo is great, and they look wonderful. The story is the real surprise because they look so happily conventional here! I love the colors, journaling, embellishments, everything! Well done.
    Awesome story! The layout is beautiful. The teal & black are elegant enough for a wedding, but fun for the kind of wedding it was. Did your grandparents often do things on the spur of the moment?
    Great story and a beautiful layout. I love the blue, tan and black color scheme with the b&w photo.
    Well done with the journaling! Such a great eye-catching page!