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Matadors and a Princess
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When I was flipping through my papers I knew this was the one I wanted to use because it reminded me of a child's pinafore. I love this story from my grandmother. It doesn't tell all the important things her father had to do, but only that he stopped doing them to play with her. This is only one story of him...all the others I've heard from her and others show the same love and caring. He always made folks feel as if they were the most important thing in his life.











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Text reads: I was two years old and out in the yard playing house. I had a set of play dishes setting on a table with chairs my father had made for me. I picked grass for food and put water in the small cups. Mother came out and I wanted her to play my little girl and let me be the mother. This wasn't too successful, because Mom was busy. When Dad came home and I told him he was to be my little boy, he obliged and even gave me a piece of ice for my water.

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What a great photo! I love old photos of parents and kids. Great layout, I love the blending of the papers!

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