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Wolf Tracks


© L Maier

Wolf Tracks

A continuation of my Isle Royale book project for my sons and husband. They say lots of critters on this backpack adventure but never saw a wolf. They were thrilled to find wolf tracks and it must have been a large one as compared to oldest son's hand. Thanks to my friend, Barb (GoodQueenBee) for helping sharpening this photo so the track can actually be seen clearer.

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    Great page, that trip sounds like it would have been so fun! I like the leaves at the bottom of the picture!
    Yikes! I think I would be glad that I "didn't" come up on the wolf! he-he! Great layout, Lei! Love the way the photo takes center stage and pops! Those folded tears work great at directing the eye to what's important. Have to say I love the foliage you've placed that repeats the foliage in the pic. Definitely a grungy and he-man type of layout ... perfect!!!
    WONDERFUL job with the nature-feel to this LO!
    So glad the photo correction worked out so well!

    I like the layered papers and the curled edges. The colors are so Manly! Love it!