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Happy Halloween Dot!


© SWRizzo

Happy Halloween Dot!

I believe our Dot has some extra dots!

Credits: Miki's All Hallows Eve and SG Background Blenders Masks by Brandy Murry

    OMG - Dot does have extra dots! What did you do with our Dot, Sandy? I love it - great teeth, Dot! Super layout, Sandy, as always!
    Eeeek! is right April. What happened to our Dot? Sandy has been up to her usual mischief again I see. Too Funny.
    Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Just back from the dentist! Happy Halloween, Saaaaannnnnddddddyyyyyyyyy.
    Ha ha love it! Great LO Sandy!
    Very Scary!!

    You are REALLY having fun, aren't you!!! Hilarious!! That wonderful 'Dot smile'--those teeth really turned it into a monster look!