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Happy Halloween Tiza!

Happy Halloween Tiza!

Hey Tiza, it is probably time to take off that mask. It is a mask, isn't it? :rofl:

Credits" Boo by Heaven's Gate Designs

    GAAAAAHHHH! How do you DO that?!!! So scary! (Running to room to bury head under pillow...)
    Ack! This one is scary! Tiza are you under there? I have candy for you if you take off your mask!
    HAHAHA How did you find a picture of me from when I first wake up in the mornings?? I should have warned you it wasn't a pretty sight. :embarrassed003:
    I think I'm gonna have nightmares from this!
    OMGOSH...........how do you even comment on that?? VERY creative Sandy!!

    (and fyi, I have seen Tiza in the morning, and she REALLY doesn't look THAT bad.....) HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Just too funny. Fantastic job!