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This is one of many photos I took while we were stationed in Izmir, Turkey of one of the local Turks. They were the most amazing people to photograph and were so gracious to stop and let me take many, many photographs of them for just a few Lira! Yes, they wanted to be paid, but that was fine with me because they had the most beautiful faces and I got so many incredible pictures while there. The face of this man intrigued me so because his eyes are two different colors - really, they are and I hope it shows up well on here. One is blue and the other is green, but I loved the worn and rugged look of this man - he was one of my favorite people that I took many pictures of while there. I have been going through some old pictures and have just started scrapping my Turkish pictures - all taken long before I started with anything digital!


I didn't want to really scrap him because I thought his picture spoke so well on it's own, and thought he told his own story, but Angie's "Tell The Story" Collection was perfect for the word art and paper I wanted for this photo. I just hope he looks as good when I post it as he does in the picture I scanned. Thank you, Angie - I love using you collection! It's perfect for so many things.

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You are right, Sara, his face speaks volumes and you didn't need to add anything else to the page. Great photo.

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This is a great face. Any you are right, you didn't want to add a lot of embellishment to it. Nicely done!

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