Memories of Turkey

More Faces of Turkey.....I hope you all don't tire of seeing these faces - my pictures are bringing back so many memories for me - been scanning pictures all morning. I'm not embellishing these because I think they really speak volumes on their own and I'm just scanning them to print to put in a whole new scrap book. Enjoy!


I used Angies' Tell The Story Gold Paper from her collection for the background for this picture.

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I can't believe the wonderful detail. Did this man have two different coloured eyes as well or was he blind in one eye? What camera were you using Sara, do you remember?

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Wow! All your "Faces" really stand out. I think if your goal is to revive your memories of Turkey with this will certainly do so! It has the makings of one of those grand "coffee-table" books whose photography is mesmerizing. These are great pictures and since you are focusing on the faces, the simplicity of the layouts just frames the faces, leaving them as the focus of each page. Wonderful!

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You have some really Great people pictures Sara!! I love this one - and also love the bearded guy with the hat (the story behind the photo)! I think these photographs are worthy of National Geographic! I could surely see them in there!! They are the kind of rare pictures, that grab you instantly and then make you ponder about who they are and what is their story! I really think you should submit them to NG or another travel magazine!! Just awesome!

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