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The Yarn Winder


© Sara Peterson

The Yarn Winder

journaling reads:
My mom was fascinated by this gigantic skein of yarn that we found at a booth during Stitches, this year. This huge skein of yarn will make an entire afghan. It is much too large to wind with a yarn swift. So, Wes will be spending a few evenings winding this skein of yarn. What love!

supplies used:
The Yarn Stash Paper Special - Get this freebie quick!
The Yarn Stash Collection Mini
Country Red Collection Mini
Bon Appetit Collection Biggie
Baby Blanket Collection Biggie
Brush Set: Stamped Hearts
Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Life Binder

    That is so cool! Sounds like a lot of work! A really neat layout that coordinates well with the story being scrapped.
    Wow! Love your photo and the layout you put together to tell your story!
    Holy Cow, that's a lot of yarn!! Love how you tied it all together. :giggle_bear:
    This reminded me of the hours I spent sitting holding skeins of wool like this for my grandmother -it brought back some happy memories for me - thanks. Love the journaling matte.
    Sweet! I love how the title looks like yarn.
    How absolutely adorable!!! Great 'tale' to scrap. Your journaling and photo are just perfect for this freebie paper.

    PS - I thought I'd seen everything when it came to yarn, but that skein 'takes the cake'!
    I love the layout! Very joyful and that skein of yarn is just gorgeous!