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October 18-24


This was Nick’s last week at work, so he spent time saying goodbye to residents and co-workers. He went out to lunch with co-workers all week, including a hibachi grill on Thursday that he really enjoyed. On Tuesday night I met with my friend Lana Lukas at Panera to teach her some basics of digital scrapbooking. Wednesday night Nick’s co-workers hosted a farewell party for Nick at the office. Residents stopped by to wish him the best, and some even brought gifts. Unfortunately I was working and couldn’t join in the fun. After I got off work, Christina and Steven came over for dinner, and we had burgers and cake leftover from the party. We had to say goodbye to Christina and Steven since they were leaving on a cruise and wouldn’t be back until after we leave for Florida. It made me realize how much we will miss all our friends. All week long Nick and I have slowly been packing up boxes and getting ready to take most of our stuff to storage. Friday was my birthday and Nick’s last day of work. We had some friends and Nick’s co-workers over for pizza and then we went out to Sports bar. We had a big group, including Lezlie Jones, Candice Olund, Thai Yue, Amanda LaPlante, Jordan Peura, Dan Taylor, Michelle & Dusty Head, Megan Guyer, and Nick’s former boss Bob Duncan and his wife Liesl. We danced, talked, and played a boxing game. We ended the night with a snack at Taco Bell before taking taxis home. Nick’s friend Dan and his two weiner dogs stayed at our apartment that night. Saturday morning I had a hair appointment for one last trim before leaving for Miami. That afternoon, Nick, Dan, and I watched the Iowa football game (sad loss to Wisconsin). Then we ordered Jimmy John’s for dinner, and Dan left to go back to Indy. Nick and I packed a little bit Saturday night, and we spent pretty much the entire day on Sunday packing and organizing for the big move.


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