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October 25-31


This was our last week in Bloomington, and my last few days working at the IU Optometry clinics. We spent the early part of the week packing quite a bit, and on Wednesday we had movers to take the majority of our stuff to a storage unit. That night I went to a talk by Dr. Bowersox at the school and it was great to see him again. After the talk, we met for one last dinner at TGI Friday’s with Amanda and Jordan. Thursday morning I had to give a short presentation at school, and then I headed home to pack up the car. Nick and I had all of our stuff packed into our two vehicles and we were on the road by 1 pm. We drove all the way to Cartersville, Georgia and got to our hotel around 9 pm. The next day we drove all the way to Fort Pierce, Florida despite dealing with a leaky tire on my car. That night we found out that I had cracked a rim, and the part had to be ordered. We decided that since we were so close we would just air up the tire and drive carefully to Miami on Saturday morning. We arrived at our apartment complex, Ludlam Point around noon on Saturday and after a bit of a wait we finally got our keys to the apartment. We had everything unloaded in just a few hours and decided to make a trip to Wal-Mart for some essentials. Saturday we started to arrange our apartment, and Sunday our cable and Internet was installed. We will have to wait until Monday for our rental furniture to be delivered, so until then we are sitting on pillows and sleeping on an air mattress. Sunday we drove to Bascom Palmer just to check out the area, and took the dogs to a local dog park. Unfortunately, they don’t enforce rules about all dogs being neutered, so Kinnick won’t be able to play there much since he doesn’t get along with non-neutered males. Instead I took him for a long walk in the park.


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