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The Knot's Prayer

I thought this prayer was so beautiful - I got it in an email and do not know who to give credit to for it because there was none listed for the prayer or for the picture - the one credit given for the prayers was "Author Known to God"


I love Syndee's Cinnamon Suede Collection and thought it was perfect for this lovely poem that spoke to me this morning.


Journaling reads:


Dear God,

Please Untie The Knots that are in my mind, my heart and my life.

Remove the have-nots, the can-nots, and do-nots that I have in my mind.

Erase the will-nots, may-not, might-nots, that find a home in my heart.

Release me from the care-nots, would-nots and should-not that obstruct my life.

And most of all, Dear God,

I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart, and my life, all the "am-nots" that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that I am not good enough. Amen

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Oh Sara, this is so GORGEOUS!!!! I love the prayer, but I especially love how you scrapped it. The softness of the papers, the title work, and that beautiful cluster group, and the artistic blending are all perfect for this prayer. This is going straight into my favorites. ~Sandy

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Sara, this is beautiful. I love your layout and that poem is wonderful...what a great message to hold close to ones heart. Thank you for sharing.

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I have never heard this prayer before! What an awesome prayer!! Am going to write that one down and put it above my computer. Thanks so much Sara for sharing this and in such a beautiful way. Great way for me to start my day!!!

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Oh Sara, this is gorgeous!! I love the collection you decided to use here and the way you used it here on your LO. Love the soft blending on the background papers & the photo of the woman in prayer.

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This is a nice prayer & you've chosen a beautiful collection - such a lovely, rich color! Your simple design really highlights the prayer.

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Beautiful message here; thank you for sharing this! The colors and photo are just perfect for the mood of the prayer.

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