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Newsletter Inspired Layout_11_17_10 NL_KSchueller

Newsletter Inspired Layout_11_17_10 NL_KSchueller

I loved following the great directions Keri S. gave in the NL tutorial on 11-17 to come up with this LO of the DGSs last Christmas. None of the boys wanted to be in the picture, and the middle child on the upper right is being "restrained" by a mysterious hand (DSIL!)

I have Amanda S's new Fancy Rust Style applied to the template, then Ariadna W's Crafty Plaster Gauze template over a gold color fill bg. I placed Trish's beautiful Glazed Paper Special_Red)(thank you for this, Trish!) under the crafty plaster and liked that textured effect. I matched the frame to the chair using Brandy's Suede Style_Jade, slightly darkened. The frame is a stroke moved onto its own layer, which I learned to do from Amy Flanagan- thanks, Amy! I used Kuler Pallette (complementary) colors which I recently learned from Katherine in the fun SG Color Class.

I will tell you that I came up with countless variations following the directions and playing with styles on the SS Templates. It was really fun! Thank you, Keri!

Logan, Declan and Graham visited Santa. It looks like Santa is the only one who wanted to be in the picture, and maybe he didnít want to be in it, either.

Materials in EXIF. TFL. Anyone, feel free to tell me if the patterned bg competes with the photo too much. TIA!

    This is so pretty. I love the textures that you have used. The glazed paper is beautiful. The photo is so cute You have made a lovely layout with it.
    That is such a classic photo! It made me laugh. You did a great job using the textured papers and I think they compliment the photo.
    You did a beautiful job with this! I did the same as Jacie when I saw the photo, too funny. Love it Dot, thanks for sharing!
    I love the bg Dot. Christmas is all about rich colours and sumptuous patterns - youve caught the flavour brilliantly I think. Lovely.
    Love your mats. Great colors. Lovely job.
    Beautiful! All of your hard work really paid off. And I think you need to add your comments to the LO about Santa (maybe) being the only one who wanted to be in the picture.
    I love it! Your elegant, formal background and mat papers contrast beautifully with the distresses faces in the photo (although the baby looks peaceful), and the angle you used for the picture emphasizes the contrast. Your colors and textures are wonderful. Great job, Dot!