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The Moose of Bennington

The Moose of Bennington

This was almost for the Speed Scrap last night, but the the layout got away from me (I am not good at following directions, sometimes). For one thing, the title shouldn't have had anything but letters, but I liked this title too much to change it. It took too long to be eligible anyway, so I am posting it here.

I love finding the series of statues some towns put up and have enjoyed other's layouts about them so much. I was pleased to find these photo in my recent download folder when I was looking for photos for the speed scrap.

Anyway, I used:
TYO_Campfire2_Emb_BradGreen, Blue, Red, Moose
VRA Brush Set Round About 2
Sans Bold Font
Created with GIMP

    Very well done. Your LO fits the colorfully painted moose statues perfectly. And I love the rating tags—10, 10, 10. Clever. Good photos, too.
    I love your photos Aggie. The frames and borders are great. Very interesting layout. Enjoyed the journaling.
    This turned out beautifully Aggie! Nice color combination and I love how you used the bracket shaped paper. Great job!
    Awwww, I love it! Great use of the moose brad in your title and I love the colors you used. Wonderful job!
    This is very eye-catching, not to mention clever! I love the different paper patterns together!
    I love this layout! I love to seek out the statue series like this in interesting places too. In Park City these colorful Moose (Mooses?) are everywhere. I once saw a series of cows... cant remember where I saw them though, and thought that was pretty great too.

    Great layout, design and everything.