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October 11-17

A bit out of order, but again I was waiting for some photos from a friend.



Monday Nick and I both worked all day, and then after work we loaded up the trailblazer and drove to Iowa. We got to Bill & Lisa’s house around one in the morning on Tuesday. During the day on Tuesday, I went to Waterloo with Melisa for her 24 week prenatal appointment, along with her sister-in-law Megan. I was able to see the baby on ultrasound and hear his heartbeat. I can’t wait to meet my nephew! Then we went to lunch at Olive Garden. That night we went to dinner at That Place in Conrad with both of our parents and Nate, Heather and Hayden. Wednesday I spent the day with my Mom, and we went shopping in Waterloo. I got my birthday presents early, a bluetooth earpiece for my phone and an optometrist stuffed bear. Nick went to Ankeny with his parents and did some shopping and applied for his passport for our cruise in December. That night we ate dinner at Bill and Lisa’s house, and I left for Cedar Rapids. I spent Thursday and Friday at the Iowa Optometric Association Fall Seminar, it was a great opportunity to network. Meanwhile Nick went golfing and helped Steve on the farm. Friday night we went to Jax Steakhouse with Steph, Casey, Melisa, Shane, Joe, and Matt. Saturday morning we had family photos with Nick’s family, and then Nick went to Tipton, Iowa with Shane for a Bre & Devin Lewis’ wedding reception. I hung out with Shaybree and then went to dinner at the Union Supper Club with my grandparents and my dad. Sunday morning Bill made us breakfast and Heather brought Hayden over to say goodbye. Then we stopped at Melisa’s new house in Marshalltown so Nick could hook-up the cable and computer. We made it on the road finally, and pulled into Bloomington at 10:00 pm Sunday night. It was a fun and busy week!


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Beautiful spread! Your photo arrangement and paper choice work so well together. Such wonderful photos, everything works here!

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