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Autumn Leaves

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Journalling as follows:


This morning, I decided to hike to the waterfalls and take some fall pictures. I have never done that before. I’ve only used my new camera for candid everyday shots and never worked with the two zooms Steve bought me years ago. I took a total of 305 pictures in about 2 hours. And I must say that I was pleased that the majority of the pictures were exceptionaly good. The last time I took time to look at anything with an artistic eye (that is

other than taking pictures of Christopher) has been years ago. Even if I hike to the falls regularly, I rediscovered the beauty and peace of the Japanese forest.

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What a beautiful layout and photo!

I enjoyed reading your story and your page is striking, yet so serene.

I love the way you put it all together and the colors you used to complement the leaves!

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