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2010_12_07 SS SGClub Challenge
© &copy Heatheranne

2010_12_07 SS SGClub Challenge

2010_12_07 SS SGClub Challenge


Made with PSE7, on a Laptop PC, with Win7







STI S2F-ebkltMovie Mural PS



Cheri Liney



Bancroft - EHI_BrushSet_ChalkboardAlpha

in the fall - Cheri Liney


I used STI S2F-ebkltMovie Mural PS as inspiration to make this layout. Because I use PSE7, I had to work out a work around, but I doubt if I would have been able to make the photo look like it was chalked onto the slate without the help of this tutorial.

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I'm looking forward to upgrading my software so that I can get the full benefit of it. :-)


I decided to have some dimension with the flowers, so I made a psd with the butterflies, flowers and stems on seperate layers, then coloured them my choices. I then made it into a png and embossed it, adding a shadow.

For the photos, I scalloped them, then tilted and shadowed them to give them the look that they are leaning on rocks in front of the wall - I hope! lol I remember reading something about perspective but couldn't find the information in order to tile the photos back slightly, but I think this works okay. :-)


© &copy Heatheranne

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