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NL Inspired LO_Concentration

Well, I had this almost finished last night and and was amazed to find Amy Flanagan's great tutorial in the 12_09_2010 newsletter in which she shared her process for working fonts into a layout with creativity and purpose. This was not a scraplift in that I had this LO almost done, but I most certainly did read through the tutorial numerous times and tried to apply Amy's ideas in my journaling area, and learned a great deal in doing so. Thank you for your generous gift of time and ideas and for sharing, Amy!


Here is a link to Amy's wonderful layout of her beautiful DD Erinn in Determination.


This is my DGS #3 concentrating on learning to use a fork last weekend. DD tells me that as of today he is feeding himself and using utensils. Amazing!


Materials in EXIF. TFL. CC appreciated and welcome. I went back and forth about the frames/brushwork I applied. Right now they are stamped, but with drop shadows look more like actual frames. I think I prefer the stamped look, but wouldn't mind suggestions.

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Wow Dot, this is absolutely fantastic! Your photos coming out of the "C" caught my eye right away & I had to take a close look at the LO -- the color combinations are also pleasing as well. Can't stop without mentioning what an adorable little guy your subject is. :)

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What nice photos - great that you've documented this milestone. The orange in the layout goes so well with the yellow tones of the photos & of course, the purple is the perfect compliment. Nice choice of font for the title & I really like the way the C frames the photo & curls into the o. The little beads are a cute touch.

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This is such a beautiful page.

Yes, you may have a gorgeous grandson, but your layout showcases him so well!

I like the warm, glowy colors you used to mimic the light on him.

And, I love your journaling and word art too -- especially the big "C" framing Graham!

Really, really nice...

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Great Job, Dot! Your layout caught my eye right away, and then I read your notes! I'm so glad that the tutorial in the NL was helpful and inspiring!

I love the stamp work, the bright colors, and the title letter holding your picture. Wonderful job!

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I love this Dot. The journaling is great and the way you've highlighted the key words. Those colours really stand out. Am going to go back to that NL to read the tutorial through again!

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Love the photos. He is so cute. I really like what you have done with the title and the journaling. Great work.

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