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"Dude, just smile."

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Back Porch Coll Biggie [bMU]

Blossoms & Blooms Emb - Winter [bHA]

December 25th Collection [ABR]

Frame By Frame Embs [sNU]

Jingleberry Coll Biggie [bMU]

Jingleberry Word Art - Titles [bMU]

Wire Ornaments Emb [PWR]

Zip Kit: Great Outdoors [ABL]


© &copy 2010 Katherine Weaver

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LOL to the journaling!! What a super page Katherine! I love the hanging ornaments, the houses below, and the asymmetric framing!

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Hee-Hee... Great page -- I love the dialogue and photo to go along with it!

Your many layered background is amazing and I love the wired ornaments hanging at the top.

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