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York Minster, p.2 of 2

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ABR_DayToDayLife_Embellish_Ribbon_Cream, BMU_AutumnSuede_Styles, BMU_Mossy_Paper_Heather

CKA_ATAE_Paper_Gray_Overlay, CKA_BohemianRhapsody_Emb_Staple1, CVW_SupplyTracker, CopyClose, FileSave2

HDI_Metal-Shdw1_ShdwBasic-11301, HDI_Photo-Shdw1_ShdwBasic-11301, HDI_Ribbon-Shdw2_ShdwBasic-11301

KSC_GoingPostalFrames, KVE_Intaglio_Mauve_Shadowed_Style, KVE_Rosemary_SSPaper_Rose_Lace

MyJournalingBrushes, PWR_TiedTags_SSEmb_String_Cotton, PWR_TiedTags_SSEmb_Tag_Textured

PassportStamps_Brushes, SNU_RetroPhotos_Action, STI_StampedNeutrals_Style

TYO_PinItUp_Emb_PushPinBlue, Tourist Central_Warped, USC_GrungeGuru_Paper_surreal_25%

VRA_Curve_2102_SSDLOT_1_Base, VRA_Curve_Batik_SSEmbell_4_3, VRA_JustFrames_Plain


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Oh, what a gorgeous layout! Your photos are magnificent and I like the way you arranged them and the ones you included.

I also like the background which complements your pics so well.

Your journaling looks really nice too.

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My DH and I also visited York Minster. Isn't it magnificent? Your pages are beautiful. I especially like your photo arrangement and the papers you used. Really lovely!

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