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York Minster, spread


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York Minster, spread

I really struggled with this layout, trying to find the right colors and textures, and to give it some movement. Suggestions very welcome!

    Wow, I commented on the second page first as I always start looking from the right on the message board!
    I didn't realize this was a 2 page layout and it is truly beautiful.
    Hard to believe you struggled, because the results are fantastic!
    I really like the colors you used and how the delicate background flows from one page to another.
    I also like the large street sign photo and the way it's framed and how that is duplicated on the second page.
    The vertical ribbon really ties the pages together so nicely! Really nice.
    It looks wonderful to me. I love the photo of the street sign with the Church behind it. If you struggled, it was worth it, because the result is great.
    Wonderful photos and the rose colored frames are a perfect compliment to the green paper along the bottom.
    The lacy background goes with the look of the cathedral, cool sign and I like the ribbon and tourist tag too!