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1/7/11 Blurry photos


© 2011 MMiller

1/7/11 Blurry photos

I used:

    This is great. Lovely layout for 'Blurry Photo' Love the striped paper, the chicken wire and the circles.
    Oh, I like this so much. The stripes, the 'lace', the texture & stars, it's all so gorgeous. Good job, too with the photos. I was just taking skating photos yesterday, so I really appreciate this.
    OMG Mimi! I love this!! It's so fun and full of energy. Love the stars and mesh and of course, that blurry photo adds such a sense of movement to the layout!
    Ashleigh got it right on, the blurr give it a real sense of motion! Great job. :)
    What a great way to use those blurry photos! I love everything about this LO, the colors, the photo placement, the title, it's just wonderful! TFS
    I like your paper and color choice on this. The little acrylic-looking arrow is cute too.
    Stars, stripes, chicken wire, string and circles all very well put together!! Great layers and color choice!
    Cool selection of photos showing the movement in the skating.Wonderful LO :)
    You background looks so wonderful that you hardly notice the blurry photos!! :disappearing-smilie: But as people have already said they give a real sense of movement to the LO. Thanks Mimi for doing the challenge.
    Best use of blurry photos I've seen! They really do add a sense of motion and with that terrific composition and color scheme, they shine!