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Cozy is . . .

Cozy is . . .

Journaling reads:
Bess and Pie started sharing a bed in 2006, when Mark
was born. If it happens that one of the girls is sick and we
have to separate them for a night or two, they are both just
miserable. We often laugh at how twisted around each other
they get when they’re asleep. Sometimes the bed is a most
confusing pile of arms and legs and blankets and stuffed
animals, with two content little girls sleeping buried somewhere
in the middle of the tangle.

Materials used:
The Bee's Knees Collection Biggie
Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: The Bee's Knees
Cloudscape Paper Super Mini
Styles Pack: Vellum
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Micro Glitter 6401 Super Biggie

Star Brush is from Snapper's Brushes
Fonts are Scrap 'n Fonts Scrap Casual and Scrap Outline

    Very cute! I always like getting pictures of the kids like this... so peaceful and innocent!
    This is a really pretty layout. Love the photo that you used as a background. Super colors.
    The blue colors really give this layout a dreamy feel. How cute they are! I love the journaling.
    Super cute! Great picture and bg and I love your journaling. Love the touches of feather for the cozy, sleepy theme. Great work on the challenge!
    i love the background photo ... such a cute layout!