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Pinewood Derby

Thomas started attending Cub Scouts soon after his 8th birthday. He was excited to wear his uniform, and both he and dad were excited for his first PINEWOOD DERBY! Bob helped Thomas design and build his car. Thomas got to do more work on his car than most boys that age. He carefully painted it and applied the stickers. They made sure the weight was just right and were ready to race. Thomas didn’t lose every race, but he didn’t win any either. We learned the hard way that the BSA graphite replacement actually slows the car down. Bob had a spare set of wheels and quickly switched them out. The car did a lot better after the change, but the next year we learned the real secret to winning- Polished Axles.


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Wonderful article on products and how to make them work for you. You got some great shots of the pinewood derby, love the shot going down the track. Great job!

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