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The Snow is Landing- Redo from Tutorials and MB

I posted an earlier version of this today, but Bobbie (bjc) was kind enough to give me some suggestions based on the great MB thread the last few days about blending text into the bg and shadowing text. The difference is subtle, but amazing to me! It is based on Ariadna's great NL Tutorial and on these two MB Threads. It placed a slight shadow on the "g" where it meets the photo border, and blends the word "the" into the snow in the bg. Also slightly blended the journaling below the photos slightly into the bg.


How Do You Make Something That Is Stamped On Two Layers Look Realistic? and Need Help With Realistic Stamping Shadow Tuts.


This was really, really fun to learn! Thank you Ariadna and Heidi for the great information, and Bobbie for asking such a great question!


Here are links to Bobbie's LO using the same technique. grandpa and nay nay (before) and grandpa and nay nay (re-do)


Journaling around the border:

When the snow started to fly at our house, we would watch out the window to see if it was going to stick to the ground for sledding. Mom said that when I was little, instead of saying that the snow was laying I would yell, “The snow is landing!” So that’s what we always said and still say at the first sign of snow.


Journaling under the photos:

Me at age 7 with my brother, John, 6, in front of the house where we lived in Levittown, PA. I am wearing my very favorite “car coat.” It was tan wool with toggle buttons, and would soak completely through in the snow or rain. I think the cameraman in the back is our next door neighbor, Howie Goldsmith. He always had a camera in his hand. The first one I recall him using was a “Brownie” camera. Later he got a Polaroid. I don’t know who is the other person in the back.


Me with my Aunt Jackie, 13, sledding down the hill on a red, wooden Flyer sled. We would wax the blades with waxed paper to make the sled go faster. The hill started up behind the house and went clear down to the street below. Everyone came to our house when it snowed since we had the best sledding hill.

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This is really cool, Dot. I love the way you did the text in a wavy border and your title is so cool. Neat photos too.

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So I put the two layouts side-by-side so I could better understand the changes that you made. Yes, they are subtle but that's what makes your pages so special. You are a detail person and that's why I love your work! This LO is simply delightful and done with perfection.

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love this dot...i can really see the subtle but realistic shadow...i too found the technique a brain challenge but its good exercise i figured...got to try it out again for another lo and it got a bit easier..still not exactly sure about the whole process..lol..and hoping if i try it enough it will stay in my brain and not float out like so many things do...lol..


the details, like this do make a difference..this is such a sweet page with those photos and all the journaling....

btw.... i tried to pm you and your box is full....!

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This is such a wonderful layout. I love the blending of the photo in the background with the blue color. The wavy text is great!

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just browsing the tutorial gallery. this is awesome. just awesome. thanks for sharing your process and the tutorials used here. i've been wanting to do text on a path for a while; now i see there's a template for that? i love it all!

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