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On Her their Lives Depend

On Her their Lives Depend

On a recent visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester I cam across this poster. My paternal grandmother worked in a munitions factory during the First World War. I found this poster very moving. It was a horrid, dangerous job.

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    Really neat layout. I love the dull muted colors but the light on the poster really pops!
    Can you imagine that kind of work? bless her for doing the job and making us all safer. I am going to keep this so I know how to scrap my grandpa in WW1 because I don't have a picture of him--machine gunner. thanks so much for showing us this one!!!
    Cool page. Love the subtle colors and great details. Great work on this one.
    what a wonderful tribute to the women who did these jobs. They seem to get little thanks and if it hadn't been for them the war would have been a different story :)
    Love your choice of colours and interesting BG paper :)
    Great work. I like the way your layout makes the poster the centre of attention. Love the background paper and the muted colours that gives it a down to earth, serious feel.
    This is such a wonderful tribute to the women who worked in the factories during WWI and WWII as well. It was a dangerous job and our women showed that they were indeed made of sterner stuff than men thought they were.
    What a great job you did on this unique layout! It looks so real, it seems I can feel the texture of the background and the zipper.
    What a perfect match between your photo and the LO.