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Week 1 January 1-8

Saturday I reworked the pattern for Annette’s wedding dress and got the muslin re-made and fitted. Bob took Monday off and we went to see the Harry Potter movie and did a little shopping at Bridgeport. I found this skirt and sweater on sale at Talbots. Tuesday morning I took several photos of the sunrise. I thought the colors were fabulous. Wednesday I did lots of errands. I found Thomas a bass clarinet for ban and got some food (little black worms) for the salamander. I’ve dubbed him “the little dude.” Thursday I went to Jane’s to teach her how to use her camera in the manual mode. We took some practice shots and the iron bench is just one of the many lovely things in her back yard. Saturday Bob and Thomas tore out the laundry room cabinets.


Thanks for looking!

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Great photos and journaling. It sure is busy over at your house. Love the cake. These are such great layouts. I really like them. I just love the way you arrange your photos and journaling. Must take some tips from this.

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Looks like you are into some big projects at your house. It will be fun to see the progress in your pages. Both these pages are great ... love the picture of the sun set.

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You are a yearbook pro April and looking at your pages throughout last made me wish I could start this project. Thanks for the inspiration! Great summary of your week!

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