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a grand daughter's love

a grand daughter's love

I'm not sure if there's enough blue and green in this Quick Page.

This was one of the pages from the photobook I made for my Mom last Mother's Day. A collection of pictures of the family, and what they wanted to tell my Mom. This particular one was from my niece from my oldest sister. My mother can speak very little english, so I have to make the photobook in our "filipino" language. I tried to translate what my niece wanted to tell her grandmother, so you ladies can understand her words.. and share a grand daughter's love.

Mother Dear,

First of al I want to thank you for the faith in God that we inherited from you and grandpa, faith that we will carry for the rest of our lives. When we were so young, our mom and dad has no choice but to leave my older sister and I to you, so that they can work abroad to feed us. You cared and nurtured us untiringly.. you never failed to show us love and always giving us advice to correct our wrong doings. Thank you for all the advices that we will always carry in our hearts.

Now at your old age, I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be with you again and return all the love and caring that you’ve done to me when I was a little girl. Everytime I cook for you, and bathe you.. please do not say "thank you” because as your granddaughter, I’ll be at your service whole heartedly and that's not even enough to return all the good things you’ve done for me.

I pray that our good Lord gives you long life and strength so you’ll see your great grand children from me and my husband.

I love you dearly Mother. There’s no one like you. Thank you so much for everything.

    This is lovely! I really like how you used the folded corner and how you used the ribbon and stitching. Fantastic journaling too. Thanks for the translation.
    What a wonderful family keepsake and tribute to your mother. Love the folder corner.
    Swirls..I love swirls! And that one little flower adornment...perfect!
    I am with Ann. I love swirls, but in this case, for this layout, it is the journaling that does it for me. Beautiful. Love your photos. This is such a lovely layout.
    You did such a wonderful job of including photos and elements, while still emphasizing the journaling. This is a truly beautiful keepsake. I love your blended background photo, too. You have a lucky Mom!
    The journaling is so touching! Thanks for sharing this with us! I adore the photos and the blended photo in the BG. Great job!
    I was touched too...you certainly have a creative gift. Beautiful layout!
    Oh my goodness. What awesome journaling. I love her sentiment paraphrasing "don't say thank you" and "I owe you this much" I agree wholeheartedly. Karen This is a beautiful page.
    This is such a sweet layout.. I love your story -- it really touched my heart.
    I also love your photos and background and the blended pic!