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November 22-28



This week was Thanksgiving week, so it was only a three-day work week for me. However, the vacation wasn’t nearly as exciting since I would be spending much of the time studying for my boards exam. I also started to feel a little nauseous off and on this week, but mostly I felt pretty good. Nick began to get a litle frustrated looking for jobs, but he finally came across some good opportunities, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. For Thanksgiving on Thursday, since it was just the two of us, we cooked a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, rolls and deviled eggs. It was really yummy! We also used Skype to talk to my parents who spent Thanksgiving in Houston, Texas with my sister Lezlie. We missed our families on Thanksgiving, but we know we will be able to celebrate in Iowa with them next year. Saturday was a major break in the studying for me because we decided to go to Fort Myers, Florida to visit Nick’s former boss, Bob and his wife Liesl who were on vacation there. Liesl and I got pedicures while the guys got a beer, and then we ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach. We spend the afternoon at the beach, and then we went back to their cottage to clean up. For dinner, we went across a bridge to Sanibel Island to eat at a restaurant called Lazy Flamingos. We had a great time with Bob and Liesl. Sunday it was back to studying for me.

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Sounds like you needed a little break from studying that week. Great colors for a Thanksgiving page too. You're doing great with these!

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Another great page! I like how you make a double-spread each time.

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