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November 29 - December 5



After studying all weekend, I decided to relax on Monday before my exam. After I got home from clinic, Nick and I took the dogs to swim at the lake at Tropical Park. Then we made dinner and went to bed early. Tuesday I drove to Fort Lauderdale to take boards. It was a long day (seven hour exam), but it is finally over and I think it went okay. Nick and I celebrated by getting slushies from Dairy Queen and watching a movie. The rest of the week I really enjoyed being able to relax in the evenings rather than studying. This week we also cancelled our cable to save money; we really aren’t using it much and can watch lots of shows and movies through Netflix and Hulu over the Internet. Overall, we had a very nice, relaxing week and weekend with lots of free time. I finalized a few Christmas gifts to send back to Iowa, and spent quite a few hours finishing up a wedding scrapbook for Drew and Melisa’s wedding gift. I am really excited to hear about their reaction, I just wish we could be in Iowa to see it in person.

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