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December 6-12



The highlight of our week was on Monday, my first doctor’s appointment for the baby! After filling out paperwork and some other routine things like a flu shot and blood tests, we were able to see the little bean on ultrasound! We even saw the little heart beating, but it was too early to hear it. The doctor confirmed that I am 7 weeks along right now, with a due date of July 24, 2011. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to tell our families! That night we used Skype to video chat with Nick’s parents and my parents. They were all very excited to hear our news! Probably the most excited was my sister Lezlie, she actually screamed when we told her! Over the next couple of days we called the rest of our family members and close friends to tell them the exciting news, and of course they were all very happy. We have decided to wait until January at the end of the first trimester to make it completely public and put it on Facebook. Overall I am feeling pretty good, just some nausea that is worse in the mornings.

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I love the way you used the Friendship PQ kit! Great photos and wonderful journaling, this is a wonderful time to document. Congratulations on your upcoming addition! :)

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What a great LO! And congrats!! Love it all. You create great pages!

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