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Blessed - or Not


@copy; Richelle Anderson

Blessed - or Not

Here is one of my layouts... I have been unable to put shoes on for 10 days. The meds FINALLY started working today... Anyway Not being able to get "out" to make pictures I thought I would scrap missing my shoes...

    That looks pretty painful. I didn't realise that's what gout looks like. Love the layout. Cute shoes and title. Love the way you journaled this.
    Can't say I like the look of your poor foot. On the other hand I do love this layout. Quirky subject with a tongue in cheek attitude. Great work.
    Oh your poor foot! Hope it gets better soon! Love the photo treatment!
    Oh, ouch!! That does look painful. How frustrating to be stuck at home. The layout's funny, too, in a slightly warped way - documenting how you miss your shoes. It's a neat photo & I like the sprinkle of stars.
    That looks painful .... and your shoes look so sad without you! Get well soon!
    LOVE, LOVE your whimsical layout even though it does look a bit painful - I like that you documented your shoes - great photo and such a unique one - very well done - I absolutely loved it. Hope your foor gets better soon!
    The design of the layout is fantastic!
    I really like your photo and how you blended it into the background. Great job all around. I hope you are feeling better.
    Sorry for your pain, but WOW this layout is amazing! Love how you made the shoes look so cool, mysterious and still tell the story. Great work.
    Gorgeous page. Hope you have your shoes on again soon!