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December 20-26



Monday morning was our return from the cruise, and I was lucky to have the day off. After eating Jimmy John’s for lunch, we took the dogs swimming at Tropical Park, and ran to the grocery store. I started feeling a little sick, so I took a quick nap before waking up to make salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, and garlic bread for dinner. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad left Tuesday morning to go back to Iowa, so I said my good-byes that night and Nick took them to the airport the next morning. We were excited that Lezlie would be staying with us for another week to celebrate Christmas in Miami. I had a very easy week at work this week, getting off early several days. Nick got some great news and found out he got the job at KW Properties and will start next week! On Christmas Eve, Nick, Lezlie and I got up early and drove three hours to Key West. After grabbing a snack, we got on a boat and went snorkeling! It was awesome and we saw lots of fish including a sting ray! After returning to the island, we did a little bit of shopping and ate dinner at Margaritaville. Then we went to a Christmas Eve service at a local church and ended the night by splitting Key Lime pie on a stick (dipped in chocolate of course) before heading back to Miami. After our big day on Christmas Eve, we decided to relax on Christmas. We slept in, made pancakes for breakfast, exchanged a few gifts, and watched the Disney Christmas parade. Then Nick made us buffalo chicken dip as a snack and we watched a few movies. We talked to our families in Iowa, and then we made ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brownies for dinner. The day after Christmas, Lezlie and I braved the Dadeland Mall to do a little shopping. First she introduced me to Jamba Juice, a great smoothie shop. She found some good deals on a few shirts, and I bought some maternity clothes on sale. We came home and ordered pizza for dinner.

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