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Project 52 - Week #4

Project 52 - Week #4

Kit used is Magic in the Air by Tiramsu, alpha is Christmas Whimsey by the Artisian Guild.

Here is the journaling:

My babies are all grown up! My boys turned one this week and I still can't believe it! Where did the time go???

23 & 24 - Michael & Christopher each enjoy another cookie. They are doing much better at chewing but they both make a HUGE mess when they chow down. It's okay, we have an endless supply of wipes and they are just too cute!!!

25, 26 & 28 - We celebrated Chinese New Year by Ngin Ngin & Yeh Yeh! It's the Year of the Rabbit and we were ready to party! First we had dinner, then we had birthday cake for my boys!!! Both boys really liked the cake and had fun getting messy. Unfortunately, Christopher decided he wanted to wipe the icing off his hand... and used Michael's head as his napkin!!! Michael was NOT thrilled with the situation, but I couldn't stop laughing (or taking pictures!) so Uncle George was kind enough to try to clean him up. I guess its not really a party unless someone winds up with icing in their hair!

28 - Temperatures dropped even lower this week! It actually hurt to go outside!!! THANK GOD the furnace has kept working this winter!!!

29 - I realized I never photographed my beautiful Bermuda tea set! Before my babies were born, I used to fly to Bermuda a lot for work. On my one of my trips, I got this beautiful tea set that I have always displayed but never actually used! I took a photo and decided that the time had come to break it in! I'm not much for tea, but I did fire up a nice cup of coffee! I'm still scared I'll break a mug, but I'd rather break a cup then have them just collect dust!

    Wonderful job keeping up! I really like the colors here and your journaling is fantastic. :)
    Super LO!
    I love the icing story LOL! I wouldn't be impressed either, great page!
    I am enjoying reading your journaling and seeing all your photos. Can't wait for the next installment. These two layouts are really fun and enjoyable. Love them
    I love all the detail that you have included in your journalling and your pictures are so adorable.
    I love these two pages, and the way they work so well together. Your journaling is great; it inspires me to do better with mine.
    This is terrific! I love the little details you've included about the boys chewing and lots of wipes....20 years from now that will have a big impact as you and they look back. And way to go with the tea set. Even if it gets broken, you've now photographed it so you have the memory of it forever. Enjoy! Your LOs are lovely.
    You have some great memories on this layout! Love the icing story.
    I just love your concept of doing a "weekly" layout! I think I just may have to give that a try. How fun it will be to look back it at the end of the year. -- I really enjoyed your story about the Bermuda teapot...and its doomed life of being a dust collectible - lol! I too, have many of those :)
    Awesome page!! Such darling pictures!