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Project SG 2011 - Jan 22-28


© M.E.O'Toole (2011)

Project SG 2011 - Jan 22-28

The layout is much the same as last week but posting it encourages me to stay current. One month down! Loving the different approaches to this project and the variety in the gallery.

    Great photos and journaling. Lovely layout.
    Pleasing arrangement of photos, and I like the color scheme.
    I really love the way you arranged the photos. Looks like you had a great week.
    And I thought I was a busy girl! What a great collection of photos showing your busy life. I really like the way you are numbering the photos with the dates to match the journaling. That's a terrific system. I'm enjoying a peek into your life.
    Happy to see that you have to many photos of yourself in there. That isn't always easy to do. I really like the word art in the vellum envelope. Great job!
    I love that this layout includes numerous photos, but is not cluttered at all. I am so impressed that you get yourself into the photos! So often we leave ourselves out!
    What a great layout! I especially love the photo of the kitty watching TV. Fun photos.
    I LOVE the composition of your LO with the photo placement and the journaling. I like how you highlighted the dates in the text. Awesome photos to document your week! COOL!