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SG Project February Week One


© Richelle Anderson

SG Project February Week One

So far I am current. So far anyway!!

    OK Apparently I have unchecked an option in Photoshop.. I can't get the supplies to come up in the EXIF... Here they are

    ASO - Textured Cardstock, BMU - Molly Milkshake, AMC - Doodle Dandy,[Styles] AWI - Freehand Coloring, MST - Inked Edges [Brushes] SNU - Grungy Fragments, BMU - Junk in the Trunk, SNU - Photo Transfer Frames
    Love the photos and journaling. Wow. You got in a Feb one already. Love the dog AND the food photo. Great layout.
    This is so eyecatching - love the puppy & the great background color. The black frames look very smart.
    That puppy catches my eye.
    Cute layout with great photos. I love that included one of yourself.
    I really like the edges you used on these photos. Great shots too. :)
    Fun arrows pointing to your pics! I love the photo of your dog and the food is a great shot too!
    Fun photos. I love the look on the puppy's face and really like the use of the arrows.
    What a fun page! Love the framing of the photos! So cool!