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Burrell Collection Glass Panels

 Burrell Collection Glass Panels

Thought it was about time to scrapbook these lovely painted glass panels that I photographed on my holiday to Scotland last year.

AWI Murano paper green dots
TYO Glazed paper teal
VRA Inner view Emb wire frame
Fonts Ariel and Monotype Corsiva


    These are absolutely beautiful. Love the dark background.
    They are just lovely. Great title work - this looks like a book or a catalog cover!
    Beautiful. I love that you used the black background to show these beautiful photos.
    Beautifully striking layout! Your photos are gorgeous and the black background really pops their vivid colors!
    What a neat collection. You've displayed it wonderfully here, too - the black really highlights the photos. I love the wordart you've used for the title - the combination of white & stained glass is quite striking, especially with the frame. Gorgeous layout.
    Good choice to go with black for the background, it really lets the photos pop. It almost looks like they are lit from behind. I also like the way you did the title. Nice job on this!
    Beautiful - could be a poster for them
    What a stunning idea!! This looks so like a page out of an art gallery magazine. Beautiful job.