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Monday Lace challenge. Mamma Temba

Nikki was the Belle of the Ball until she had to go on stage. She cried the whole way through her concert, but never missed a step.







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That is a really pretty lace embellishment and I like the way you used music on the background to show that it was a musical performance. Nice job!

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Poor Nikki -- I can relate to that stage fright. Good for her that she got through it so well anyway! I love your colors - especially the flower, and the lace is so pretty. Just right.

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Oh, poor thing. How wonderful that she soldiered through, though. She looks adorable in her costume. I like the way the fringed border echos her costume & the lace border really adds to the layout, especially with the red paper which highlight your photo & little dancer so well.

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Oh how sweet this is. I love the two pictures you used to show the contrast. And I love how the string embellie under the photo matches her costume. It cracks me up that she didn't miss a step even with her tears, way to go!

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