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Helping Mom

Helping Mom

Oooh i got so excited!!

So...what unique thing i did... it may not be unique, but i took one of those bokah border things and used the whole border psd, BUT i split it all up!!!

The painty swash and text are low opacity beneath my word art.

The solid bottom part of the border was used with a clipped brown/tan paper.

and the bokahs? welll it is a layout about snow after all... so i duplicated them, shifted them around, and valla! (lol)

What do you think?
Would love your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and/or opinions!!

Angela N.

    Great LO Angela! I loved your idea with the bokahs, very clever! The polka dot paper is also a smart idea with bokahs, they both mimic snowflakes. Your girls are so cute. :)
    I love it, Angela! Such a great layout!
    Your bokah snowflakes turned out very well. I also like the style you used on the frame. According to your EXIF properties it looks like it must be suede, but in this layout it almost looks like old wrought iron. Either way it works wonderfully here.
    Gorgeous page Angela! Love it!
    The frame isvery pretty. Love the snowflakes and the photos are really great. You went to a lot of trouble with your layout, and it was worth it. You made a lovely layout.
    Great layout Angela. Your LO's are always so much fun; there are so many great things to look at.
    Great layout, Angela! So good that you are capturing these moments.
    I think you did a terrific job Angela! There are so many things to look at when you get into the details that I have spent some time just looking around and across the LO to check it all out-it was a very coherent LO though and really came together beautifully!
    This is really speaking to me this morning - we got another 8 inches of heavy, wet snow yesterday. I like all the colors & the swirl around the corner is lovely.