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Monday 2-7-11 Lace Challenge

I scanned a faded picture of two of my uncles, taken in 1916, and used techniques from the recent Blending Modes class to rescue it. What a difference from the original! (The pastel miniature is of my aunt). The lace is from Paula Wright's Ancestry Collection -- other materials are listed in the exif. TFL

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This is really nice. Anything you can do to preserve your family history is well worth the effort. I have some old photos that are in pretty bad shape. Maybe a class could help me,too!

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I love, love, love it. That beautiful background paper, the gold chain holding the miniature photo and then linking it to the large photo is wonderful. Just beautiful.

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Absolutely gorgeous layout!

Your photos look great -- you really did a wonderful blending job.

I love your background and lace and the chain and flowers -- I think I love it all!

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