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Project 52 - Week #7

Project 52 - Week #7

Week 7 and still going!!!

Supplies used were: Winter's Charm kit and alpha by Diamante, Downtown ScrapSimple Paper Templates, Crystalize Brushes and Masks by DesignerDigitals, and Circle Accents by DesignerDigitals.

Here's this week's journaling:

Love was in the air this week at the Louie household!

13 - Daddy & I packed everyone up for a trip to the mall. Every year Daddy gets me a beautiful satin heart from Godiva. This year's box had beautiful ribbon roses! I enjoyed a little time out of the house and even got a little shopping done!

14 - Daddy sent me purple tulips for Valentine's Day! Each of the boys got a hat for the beach and Mousey got a new Hello Kitty Sweatshirt. Can you feel the love?!

15 - Mouse will probably hate me for this when she gets older... She's allergic to milk. I'm pretty good about avoiding dairy in her meals, but sometimes I miss and some milk sneaks into her system. Since I get asked a lot what her reaction is like, I took a picture of it. It's nothing terrible - but she immediately turns red around her mouth and gets itchy. Usually hydrocortizone clears her right up - she's just uncomfortable until it does. This reaction was quick - over and done within 20 minutes. Thank God for hydrocortizone!!!

16 - My boys are so cute first thing in the morning. Christopher was just hanging out in his crib and was in no rush to get up.

17 - Nap time and my Mouse was just too cute!!! I love this photo - she looks like a little tie-dyed angel!

18 - My boys are discovering solid foods, but one thing they loved quickly was cookies! I took that photo for their "speech therapy albums". They practice identifying familiar objects and the cookie is definitely a favorite!

19 - Finn and Bandit have frequent play dates. It's a good opportunity for them to burn off energy when we can't get out and walk them. Usually they just want to beat on each other, but in this photo they took a break to chase each other around.

    This is gorgeous! Beautiful photos, and I love the snowflakes, swirls and shaped journaling. Beautifully done!
    This is just an absolutely beautiful layout! I love the way you've arranged your photos - quite unique! And your journaling was such fun to read. Such a pretty layout and so well done! Thanks for sharing with us.
    I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your SG Project layouts. The photos are gorgeous and the journaling superb. Love it.

    I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your SG Project layouts. The photos are gorgeous and the journaling superb. Love it.

    Aww Belle! I just love you!
    What a beautiful page! I really like the curving border and the pretty shade of blue. Your little ones are adorable. That's a great action shot of the puppies, too!
    Wonderful layout! I loved looking at your photos, your kids are adorable. I also like the brushes - I'm a sucker for brushes!
    I like the soft colors of the background. And what cute subjects you have to photograph. I like how you journal as if you are talking to the kids and that the journaling flows throughout the picture not a set shape. Nicely done.
    Love the design and the pics. Great LO!
    I love the sleepy pics, and the dogs so cute!