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2/25 ss - Ode to a valentine

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tell me what you think, thoughts or opinions.... CC is wanted



Angela N.

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Love your take on "Ode to a Valentine" Angela! Orange Juice with straws! How clever and unique! I love your title - I think your layout is just too cute and I love it. I can't imagine you changing anything on this wonderful layout. So creative.

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Angela, the first thing I noticed is how perfectly the orange juice matches the patterned paper. Then I admired how you fit in the lace and other elements called for by the tasks. I think sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the number of embellishments in challenges because I make them too big. Finally, I like the way you cut the papers so a little is on each side. I only just noticed that technique on another layout earlier this week, and I thought it was very interesting. I wonder if it would look better to have the pattern paper go all the way to the sides too, like the orange paper. I'd have to try it to know for sure. Thanks for the very fun speedscrap (the story brought me lots of smiles).

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Oh, how nice! I do like the orange, but the photo is kind of a mini poem, itself - memories of two people sharing a quiet moment.

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HEHEH I love the photo of the orange juice, but it works so well with the colors of the layout and the little poem journaling. This is a great layout Angela. Thanks for the challenge!

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