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Hmmm...What is Grandma's cat thinking right now?

We have wild turkeys that roam around our neighborhood as if they own the street - photo of a neighborhood cat who loves to watch the bird feeders and now is obviously pondering the wild turkeys. Gotta wonder what she's thinking about?


Photo by "Charlie E." my neighbor!

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Ha! What a funny picture. You can almost read that cat's mind...

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"If they get any closer, I'm outta here!" I know for sure that's what my cat would be thinking.

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(So sorry Sara -- I must have clicked twice! Maybe my comment bears repeating!)

AH, cute photo -- that cat sure does look like he's planning something!

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Very funny Mari. I just knew that Grandma's cat was up to no good. We really must replace her with a dog. Great photo that your neighbour took. It will make a great layout. Next time you are up in the middle of the night, Sara, how about a 'Grandma's Cat' layout?

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