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This is a layout featuring my dad holding his 17th grandchild - Myka. Journaling says:

Grandpa and Myka

This is the first photo of my dad with his 17th grandchild. It’s very precious to me because daddy never liked to hold the newborns - he always left that for my mom. But with mom no longer here, he made an exception for Myka. I know these pictures will be very special to Myka when she is older - just like they are to me now.

December 2010

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Oh what a special layout!

Your photos are so precious and I love how you used the large one as your background.

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these LOs will be very special to Myka when she is older, nothing like having a grandpa hold you!!

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My eye was drawn to this LO right away! I love the big B&W with the smaller color pix. Myka will truly love this page when she's older. Those photos are so very special. And Grandpa doesn't look like he minds holding Myka one bit. Great job!

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