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Wk 8 - Feb. 19-25


© M.E.O'Toole (2011)

Wk 8 - Feb. 19-25

just posting the week up quickly and back later in the weekend to comment on some of the great pages in the gallery.

On note on the bike jersey -- the front is reversed for the benefit of the drivers who have passed - the back says "share the da*n road". It made me laugh out loud when I saw it and knew DH would love it. We've both had a number of close encounters with cars and trucks.

    This is really great. Love the photos and the frames. A pretty page. Must remember those hanging frames.
    Great page - I must look up that window frame some time. Really like the tape and stitching.
    Such a beautiful page, Mary Elizabeth! I like your use of frames and the color combinations.
    Nice layout - I like how you arranged all your photos and the soft colors you used as frames and background.
    I really like your arrangement of the photos, Mary Elizabeth. Love the colors.
    I love the green and ivory on this, it feels so fresh and Springy.
    Very pretty colors, the glitter is great! Looks like fun too!
    Love the chains connnecting the frames, Mary Elizabeth! Too funny about the shirt.