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Wk 9 - Feb. 26 - Mar. 4


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Wk 9 - Feb. 26 - Mar. 4

week 9 journaling

FEB 26: We continued Stephen’s birthday celebration with a trip to Oak Island. Our original plan was to stay for two nights but we decided that we couldn’t leave the girls that long [and didn't have anyone to catsit] so we did only one night. However, we did get a couple of workouts at the gym, a lovely dinner and brunch, and a day in Mahone Bay where I shot an amusing sign, a reflection in a roadside mirror, Stephen learning about pewter at Amos, and the famous “Three Sisters” churches. FEB 27: I was excited to watch the Oscars since I saw all the best picture nominees. kd joined me but soon nodded off - I was with her on that verdict. The show was a snoozefest this year! Highlights - the wins for “The King’s Speech” for David Seidler (writer), Colin Firth, and best picture. Best speeches too. FEB 28 - MAR 1: Ice around the shore.

    Your week seems quite intersting. I love the photo of the 'Three Sisters' churches. Great layout and journaling.
    I love this page, and that sign is a hoot.
    Very nice pics of the ice on the plants, and what a fun shot of the sign!
    Fabulous, as always! Love that sign too. ;)